matthew christopher davidson is a songwriter, composer and spoken word poet.  he is also ‘me’.  and I hate third-person autobiographical writing.

hi, I’m matthew christopher davidson!  aka ‘matthew’.  aka ‘mcd’.  whatever you like.

I was raised in victoria bc.  I have lived there for most of my life.  I moved to three hills, alberta for a short time(aka ‘/\/\/\’), but it was a mistake, and I will never repeat it.

I grew up surrounded by a glorious cloud of music and silence.  as a child I was exposed to a lot of sacred music.  if you have never listened to the music of palestrina, you should go and listen to this right now.  this is the music I remember when I think of my childhood.

I write music because there is noise inside my head, and I want to know whether it can become something beautiful.  I write poetry because my head is full of seemingly disconnected words, and I want to know if they can become something that makes sense.

so, yeah. that’s me.