the gift of attention

There is a song that sounds like forgiveness. I forget how it goes now. But every time you look at me I think I hear the echo, Because you keep on looking. It’s how I know that somewhere, someone is still singing it. Sounds distant, like a bad tape recording of an old jukebox in the alley. And I have… Read more →

fear of falling

So… I don’t want to say what I’m about to say for the sake of being sweet or so that you will think I’m nice after I’m done talking Because the most basic recipe for tragedy is two lonely people blended together with a liberal dose of fiction And I’ve gotten sick on too many sugar-coated hallucinations to get sucked… Read more →

how to say these things

last night I wanted to tell you everything how my hands bend into arches every time they remember the small of your back, the way the hummingbird’s wings expand and beat faster on the way back to her nest but I don’t know any other way to say these things and the brute force of metaphors can feel like the… Read more →