dear pipeline


dear pipeline,
I want you to know it’s not your fault.
I want you to know that I know
that you are not responsible
for what you’re going through,
that you are not responsible
for what they put you through,
that you are not responsible
for what they put through you.
I know a bullet when I see it
and you are just a shell.
a hollow tube of industrial death metal,
an empty canister of pop culture
just waiting to be filled
and when they come to build you up
and lay you down like a snake in the grass
please know that the glass-half-empty perspective
which motivates us to rise up against you
is not a function of your form
or the fluid density you contain
because we all know that a tool is just a tool.
but in the hands of an ignorant fool
a guitar can become a baseball bat
in the same way that in the hands of chad kroeger,
canadian music became nickelback.
it is the same way that you struck platinum,
became the bearer of black gold,
the stork dredging Stephen Harper’s poster child
up from its petrified bed into the land of the living
singing “imagine all the people sharing all the world – uh, what’s the next part?”
you were like an awkward teenaged tin man,
dear pipeline,
complete with high-pitched squeaks and embarrassing leaks,
but you were only trying to find your place in this world.
they told us that you had to go somewhere.
so maybe bad luck was your only crime;
you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
pipeline; I think I understand you.
you are just another victim of your environment
who too quickly can become a dangerous commodity,
less asset than liability,
one more lesson in a curriculum
concerning the kind of damage that can be inflicted
by whatever is broken in this world.
I have seen them defending the cracks in your armor,
but the smooth reflection of your thick black blood says more
than the bandages of policy could ever cover.
there are not enough beatles songs in this world to make
your flesh wounds beautiful.
so when the wizard of spin descends from parliament hill
to give you a testimonial,
remember that his heart is no bigger than yours.
remember that we can see him
as the man hiding behind the curtain,
and we are fully certain
that none of this is your fault.