Tracks I have made.

the gift of attention

There is a song that sounds like forgiveness. I forget how it goes now. But every time you look at me I think I hear the echo, Because you keep on looking. It’s how I know that somewhere, someone is still singing it. Sounds distant, like a bad tape recording of an old jukebox in the alley. And I have… Read more →

to my sister, montreal

anyone who has ever found an old journal entry knows the feeling of buzzing like a telephone wire connected to the current of the past while at the same time¬†remaining grounded in the present moment. there is a curiosity that keeps company with these sensations, like the sudden friendship of strangers¬†whose questions open doors to invasions of insight you never… Read more →

the waiting place

I recorded this track one afternoon in my early 20s, in a grey mood. If you listen carefully, you can hear me talking to myself in the background. The video was produced by Ana de Lara, and was featured in Victoria’s Reel to Reel film festival in 2009. The Waiting Place from Matthew Davidson on Vimeo. Read more →