to my sister, montreal

anyone who has ever found an old journal entry knows the feeling of buzzing like a telephone wire connected to the current of the past while at the same time¬†remaining grounded in the present moment. there is a curiosity that keeps company with these sensations, like the sudden friendship of strangers¬†whose questions open doors to invasions of insight you never… Read more →

money or life

your money or your life that’s what it always seems to come down to money the measure of what the distance between comfort and suffering is worth life that thing I can’t describe in this line I’ve rewritten too many times to count sometimes words don’t come easy so we trade money for life the way we trade Scrabble tiles… Read more →

I speak plainly

I speak plainly it’s like the way I’m not a pop musician because I know the power of formula like a sure-fire recipe for rockstar religion there are machines to make the howling of humans reverberate in pitch perfect tones of cybernetic angels there is a matrix of progressions it steps through figures of fours and sixteens we all know… Read more →