storm clowns

we woke up stepping on starlight.
we woke up runway-fucked,
swung high on sawdust-hallelujah
streaming particle-goddess left us torrent-shocked.
cut like fly-slit lion skin of rotting apologies,
we woke up smacking at our sorries

she scabbed at the touch of our taxes,
bore down on the bruises of our shining.
we were beer-can baptisms and dime-store revivals
crawling on the shore of her forgetful.
vein-stunned and joy-bleeding,
we woke up torn like stone against the shirtless night

she bottle-shot back against the tents of our truces;
we were flags marked fear waving like white wands
under the spell of her
laughing corkscrew armies struck down our storm clowns.

we slept awkward,
wearing our smiles like accidents,
dried-down dignities, like wine-stained teddy-bears
slow dancing in a noonday laundromat.